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What’s New in New: Selections from the Carol Warren Collection

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture (MIAC) periodically features art recently acquired through gifts or purchases. What’s New in New: Selections from the Carol Warren Collection highlights the works donated to the Museum by Carol Warren, who volunteered in its Collections Department for more than 20 years. The entire collection consists of more than 200 works of art including paintings, pottery, jewelry, and textiles from some of New Mexico’s most prominent contemporary Native artists. A selection of this collection will be on exhibit, including pieces created by renowned artists such as Tony Abeyta, Tammy Garcia, Dan Namingha, and Jody Naranjo.

This donation expands MIAC’s existing contemporary Native American art collection to include a greater breadth of artists and increase the number of pieces by renowned artists in MIAC’s existing collection. Expanding the number of pieces by individual artists allows the museum to better showcase their variety of work. Such expansion of the collection is vital to the Museum’s desire to better represent the stylistic varieties and mediums now used by Native artists here in the American Southwest.

The exhibition, co-curated by C.L. Kieffer Nail, Antonio Chavarria, and Valerie Verzuh, highlights outstanding contemporary artists and families with multiple generations of talented artists that have honed their skills alongside each other.

“By displaying pieces made by related artists, we hope to demonstrate ways in which Native artists inspire each other through instruction as well as the ways in which individual artists express their own identities through what is essentially a family practice,” said curator C. L. Kieffer Nail.

“A museum’s collection is like an iceberg,” said Antonio Chavarria. “What visitors see is the visible peak of a large number of objects that are under the surface, and a museum’s presence and viability is determined by the size and strength of the accumulated whole.”

Tuesday–Sunday 10 a.m –5 p.m $7 for NM residents with ID; $12 for non-residents; free for children 6 and under. The first Sunday of each month is free for NM residents with ID. Wednesdays are free for NM resident seniors (60+) with ID.

Explore the mobile, hard-scrabble life of different indigenous tribes in the American Southwest through the 20th century. Lifeways of the Southern Athabaskans is on exhibition at MIAC through July 7, 2019.

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