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Rocketeer Academy

At the New Mexico Museum of Space History

Participants in the New Mexico Museum of Space History Shuttle Camp program.

Want to be a rocket scientist? Or just know what they do? New Mexico Rocketeer Academy has something for the young astronaut in each of us, whether it’s week-long summer camps or education programs held here at the museum or in your class.

Space is a powerful way to enhance and amplify everything learned in school. Youngsters of all ages are naturally drawn to space exploration. At the same time, anything done in space is rooted in STEM-H (science, technology, engineering, math, and health) here on Earth, often in the simplest ways. For example, the butterflies you felt in your stomach as a kid on a swing are related to what happens to astronauts in space, and to International Space Station research that may improve automobile engines, which we can show in a falling tea candle.

Activities can touch on any of the sciences and New Mexico’s rich history in the space program, and encourage kids to pursue education and careers in STEM-H fields, and can help parents understand opportunities for their children.

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